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MCE7 - 0.00 Results

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I am running the transaction code MCE7. I need your assistance in understanding the results (see below).

1. What is the difference between a 0 and a blank result? The blank results don't seem to have Release Documents.

2. How can a material have a 0 Order value & an Order Quantity of 1?

Material Order value Order quantity GR quantity

39475724 0 USD 0 EA 0 EA

30189548 0 USD 0 EA 0 EA

30077503 0.2 USD 1 EA 0 EA

32328151 0 USD 1 M 0 M




Should I be posting these questions to another forum?

As always I appreciate the groups help with my questions.



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Answers (2)

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I was also trying to work on this, and got the same issue.

The result of MCE7 displayed an order value of 0 (S012-NETWR) and order quantity of 1. I understand that these values are of Purchase orders. For this particular purchase order, I have an order value of 100 stored in the database (EKPO-NETWR). But why is this value not populated in S012, which in turn has to be displayed in MCE7? When and how does S012 get populated?


Madhumathi A

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I am not so sure about your first question. I am wondering if it has anything to do with the way MCE7 derives its data from info structure S012.

Regarding your second question, this is possible if the PO is free goods PO. I would suggest you to check this to verify.

Hope this helps.

H Narayan