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MbO - Management By Objectives

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This is a HR concept - an extension of MSS Performance Management. Does anyone have any documentation on this? I tried looking everywhere - but can't find any document that tells about its features or configurations.

Can anyone help please - pls let me know where I can find anything related to MbO.

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Hello Manish Raj

MbO is what the SAP application OSA (Objective Setting & Appraisals) is also called. It is delivered for the first time with 4/7, extention set 1.10 and currently the ERP2005 development for this component is finished.

It is not specificly an MSS/ESS scenario. It will also run in R/3, stand-alone in the intranet or included in your portal outside of MSS/ESS.

Component is PA-PD-PM. General help documentation can be found on the SAP help portal.

Regards and Groetjes,


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Hi Manish,

here is the <a href="">link</a> for OSA Documentation. Just as Maurice mentioned, it used to be called MBO initially. We are on 47 ext2 and have successfully implemented the Appraisals using OSA. We can create iViews and use it both in ESS & MSS.


Suresh Datti

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