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MB90 print out and their plant relation

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Hello dear friends,

I have copied a new plant from current plant. When I create any movement for current plant I can dislay their print outs from MB90. But when I create new movement in new plant. I couldn't display print out. I gave VN108 error. I am using Z type print output.

Am I need some configuration for print output?


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You can take a quick look at OMJ3, OMJ4 or OMJR to see if your new plant is set up the same as the plant you copied. You may also have to complete the entire configuration sequence for the inventory management output determination. The IMG path for these is: Materials Management -> Inventory Management and Physical Inventory -> Output Determination.

You should be able to get the output type printed by the copied plant using MB90 in order to guide you as to what additional configuration is needed. In the case of material documents the output types are like the following:

Type Description

WA01 GI Note Vers.1

WA02 GI Note Vers.2

WA03 GI Note Vers.3

WE01 GR Note Vers.1

WE02 GR Note Vers.2

WE03 GR Note Vers.3

WLB1 GI Note RP Vers.1

WLB2 GI Note RP Vers.2

WLB3 GI Note RP Vers.3