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MB5B report consider movement type 351 as a receipt.

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Hi Experts,

I want to know why MB5B report consider 351 movement as receipt on the date of issue iteself & why it did not consider receipt on the GR date.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Kiran,

When we transfer the material using 351 movement type system creates the material document containing 2 lines

Line 1 for issuing plant with Negative quantity

Line 2 for receiving plant with positive quantity (this line auto created, you can find in MSEG table XAUTO field)

And posts the material into stock in transit in receiving plant

So when we post 351 accounting document is also generated (Cr. in issuing plant ,Dr. in receiving plant)

i.e stock account postings already completed after 351 (That is why no accounting doc generated after 101)


Now in MB5B Report there is a selection option Stock Type now when you select Valuated stock

It will show the quantity in receiving plant (As accounting doc generated, although 101 not yet done)

But if you select Storage Loc./Batch Stock you will find that 351 will not show

That is the logic of valuated stock

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi, 351 Mvt is for issue, the other document which you can see with '+' indicator is automatically created item for knocking off which has no impact,

Similarly when you do GRN at receiving plant there also you will find 2 entries, 1 with receipt & other with '-' indicator which is automatically created.

If you want to check which are automatically created line items than you can see from T-code SE11, MSEG table, enter the Mat. Doc. nos and check for 'Item automatically created' indicator,

This is SAP standard methodology.