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MB5B but with ability to search for multiple 'Special Stock' indicators

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We have a user running MB5B to display material stocks and movements. The report they have to produce needs to have 'Normal' Stock plus special stock indicators K, O and W.

From this report it seems only possible to run one at a time, ie. do a run with Storage Loc/Batch Stock, then one with Special Stock Indicator K, then O, then W.

Does anyone know of a report already available where you can select multiple special stock indicators that shows the information you get from MB5B ? This would save alot of time reconciling information in Excel and having to run the report 4 times !

Any help appreciated,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can create a wrapper program say ZMB5B where-in provide option to give multiple special stocks, then the program will execute MB5B for each special stock separately and then the outputs are collated and provided a single output. This way you can achieve your requirement

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