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MB1A (Goods Issue to Reservation)

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We are having a specific requirement regarding our inventory

controlling. As per our client requirements we have created a new transaction code ZMB1A (Goods issue against reservations only), and we want to arrest/Deactivate the "To reservation" Push button, in the standard transaction code MB1A.

Please inform me, how can I deactivate this push button in our

production client.

Looking forward for an early response,

Best Regards


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Answers (4)

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Hi Jeya,

Try to create screen/transaction variant using SHD0. In the transaction, enter transaction code as MB1A. In transaction variant tab, put transaction variant name say ZMB1A. Go To Create. It will open the transaction. Enter the required data and press enter. New screen will pop up. (Confirm screen entries). Select push button Menu functions. In that go to function key setting, select To Reservation and deactivate it (icon after tick). Then confirm selection screen entries. It will open second screen of transaction. Again carry out same procedure and press 'Exit and save'. Create object directory entry. Then go to standard variant tab in SHD0 T code and activate new transaction variant.

I think this will solve your issue. I have not tried this procedure. First check it and then go ahead with the procedure.


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as rightly said by kishore, u can deactivate the option in mvt type.

go to OMJJ, select the required mvt types and

de-select/remove the transaction codes from allowed transaction structure.

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I am not sure of deactivating the Push Button in MB1A , but you can prevent users from using the T.code MB1A for reservations by removing the allowed transaction usage for the movemnt types used for reservations.

OMJJ- Selct the Movment type - Allowed transactions , in that you can delete the Transaction MB1A.

This you need to carry out in development & transport to production as this is a customizing activity

Award points if useful

Thanks & Regards


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I suggest you creating new movement types for reservation and only add your new transaction into these new movement types. I don't think you need remove MB1A from all the original movement types.