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May i specify the G/L account when i using the MIRO ?

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Dear Guru,

Fist , let me explain the problem...

Some PO are created & already receipted. Now we got the invoice from the vendor and found that amount was differen from the PO because of the PO not include the landing cost...

Hence, i want to sperate these amount to each G/L and i found that in MIRO the bottom tabs there has one tab named G/L Account and it also have some fields ... ...

Is it this function can satisfy my requirement even if it is 'Subsequence debit' ?

Thanks a lot !


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Answers (5)

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Thanks all,

If i use the subsequence order to make a landing cost to register into specific account, Is it the same way to do that ?

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Dear Carlos,

You can very well settle this landing cost during MIRO.

Following steps required.

1) In customizing you have configured unplanned deliver cost to seperate GL A/c.

2) In MIRO put this cost as unplanned delivery cost.

3) Post the document

This cost will be assigned to seperate GL account as you reqd.

If useful reward points,

Vivek Maitra

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The Extra amt , u will post in Invoice verfication and seperate GL account.

IN IV u can enter the amt (unplant delivery cost option is there,u can choose it)



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u can post to GL account for landing cost..

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Unplanned delivery costs are delivery costs that were not agreed upon in the

purchase order and that are first entered upon invoice receipt. When you enter

the invoice, you enter the total amount of the unplanned delivery costs on the

Detail tab page.

In Customizing for Materials Management under Logistics Invoice Verification→

Incoming Invoice → Configure How Unplanned Delivery Costs Are Posted, you

can specify whether the system automatically posts the unplanned delivery costs

to the individual items or to a separate G/L account.

If the unplanned delivery costs are posted to a separate G/L account, the unplanned

delivery costs are not debited to the stocks or the account assignment objects.

The system does not show unplanned delivery costs that are posted to a separate

G/L account, in the PO history.

You can only post an invoice containing only unplanned delivery costs with

reference to a purchase order, if at least one invoice has already been posted for

the purchase order. Otherwise all the invoiced values would be zero, and it would

not be possible to distribute the delivery costs

The system apportions the unplanned delivery costs to the items in proportion to

the total value invoiced so far and the values in the current invoice.

You can also distribute unplanned delivery costs manually to individual invoice

items, by changing the amounts of the invoice items. Since in this case the delivery

costs are entered in the same way as price variances, the system performs a price

check, and the invoices are blocked wherever the tolerances set in Customizing

are exceeded.

The way in which the system posts unplanned delivery costs depends on the

settings in Customizing. They are either distributed automatically to the individual

invoice items or posted to a separate G/L account.

During automatic distribution, the unplanned delivery costs are posted according

to the price control.

For a material with moving average price, the system posts to the stock

account as long as there is a stock coverage.

For a material with standard price, the system posts the unplanned delivery

costs to the price difference account you have set up.

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Lakshmi Reddy