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Maximum bill amount

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some customers require to be billed up-to a maximum amount per bill. For example, while the customer should be billed 3500 euros, he asks to be sent invoice with a maximum of 1000 euro. Thus we should send him 3 invoices of  1000 euros and one of 500 euros.

I have no clue on how to do this. Any one would?

Thank you in advance for any hint and kind regards,


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Answers (2)

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Definitely this is not an easy task to achieve.  Why I am saying is that long time back, I had a similar requirement and with some exit (I forget the exit name), I could control the value but it will work only for VF01.  But in that project, predominently, users execute VF04 for which, it will not work as you need to put lot of validations and subsequently, it was dropped by the business.

Nevertheless, check point no.2 in the following note whether it helps you:-

Note 615370 - Condition update: Functions and restrictions

G. Lakshmipathi

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Dear Didier,

I think your scenario will be a single sales order for 3500 euros.

One single delivery for the same.

But need 4 invoices totally , 3 with 1000 each and one with 500.

Correct me if i am wrong , but one question i have is what if the QTY is 1 piece with price 3500 euros.

In such a case, is it possible to split the QTY?

Thanks & Regards,

Hegal K Charles