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max limit of serial numbers for migo goods receipt and vl02n goods issue?

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hi all,

when i tried to perform goods receipts for more than 10,000 serial numbers, it encountered abap dump when i insert in over 10,000 serial number..when i tried with lesser amount like 8,000 serial numbers, it's working.

is there a config to limit the number of serial numbers in both MIGO GR and VL02N GI?

thank you very much.

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The ABAP dump is meant to give you the information why the program aborted. You can usually find this information in the first 50 lines which are not that hard to read even the length of an ABAP dump in total may scare most new users to death.

IF there would be a customizing for a maximum then it was a foreseeable situation - but ABAP dumps occur in case of unforeseeable situations.