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Max cond value vs max cond base value

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Hi All,

What is the difference between

Maximum condition value & Max condition base value, in the condition records. (VK11,12,13)

Path - Maximum condition value:-

VK13 --> condition records --> add sales data --> max cond value

For Path Maximum condition base value, i cant see the field out there on the screen

PL help with the differences between the functionality, appreciate, if it is with an example

Jimit Shah

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jimit,

I think it should be ' Condition Base value " and "Max condition value " I may be wrong.

Conditional base value When a value is derived for a condition type, based on certain calculation this value is taken as base.

Condition base value is a concept used in pricing procedure and actual term used is alternate condition base value. This is a formula assigned to a condition type in order to promote an alternate base value for the calculation of the value. If you have to calculate price of a material then you have to have a base value for it. For e.g. if you want to calculate the discount of 10 % for a material then you have to have a base value on which this 10% is calculated. Normally you take the condition value of the base price of the material to calculate the value.

Max condition value, Provided that the condition update function is active for a particular condition type, you can create condition records that specify a maximum cumulative value. The system uses the condition value of an item as the basis for the cumulative value.

You can specify the maximum value when you maintain an existing condition record. The condition update indicator must be maintained in Customizing for Sales for the corresponding condition types.

For example, specify that a customer receives a 10 USD discount for a particular material up to a maximum cumulative order quantity of 5,000 cases. As the customer places sales orders for the item, the system keeps track of the cumulative value (in this example, the number of cases) and stores this data at the condition record level. Once the cumulative value reaches 5,000 cases, the system automatically deactivates the discount. ( Source )

To view the cumulative value for a particular condition record:

Within the condition record, choose Extras > Cumulative values.

A dialog box displays the cumulative value of sales orders where this condition record was used.


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Edited by: Rajesh Kumar Bhansali on Mar 2, 2011 5:41 PM

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Well i am talking about "max cond base value" only, ref - KONP-MXKBAS which i think stores the value which could be taken as max base value for the other cond types for thier value calculation, so it controls the base value upto this max level, well that is what i have made out till now,

But my question is that this particular field / DM is not used on screens hence i am not able to find out on screens & so is the reason i couldnt test it too

anyways thanks rajesh

Jimit Shah

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