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Matrix Row Status

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I have a UDForm whith a Matrix in it.

And i need to close the matrix row's as sales order

are generated for the row data 1 sale order per row

like for example a sales order when it is pratialy ivoiced

Can i dataBind the row status to a UDF in a UDT

some thing like the LineStatus in the RDR1 system table 'Sales Order lines'

Thanks for any help you can provied

Pedro Gomes

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you mean that you want to gray out (disable) a line in a matrix, then I would say that it is not possible. But you can catch events on the matrix and prevent editing of your closed lines (if you forsee a 'state' field in your UDT).

Maybe you can do something with the grid object, and use the collapselevel to visualize the difference between closed and open lines.



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