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Matrix Link Button

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I have a Matrix which has order doc num in one of the columns. I have set a link button for this column inorder to open the respective order document when the user clicks the link button nect to doc number. Howeverm i'm getting an error saying that no match found.... When i tried the same using docentry insted of doc num everything works perfect. However, i think it is not a good practice to expose the docentry. Is there any way by which I can use Docnum with linkbutton?



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What I do when I want to add a linked column for example a Business Partner is this.

1. Create the XML code for the Screen in Screen painter. (note the column name that you want to link)

2. Access the XML using notepad

3. Set the Column type to 116 -> This is the linked button type. The XML snippet for the column looks like this : title="Rented To" type="116" uid="Col7" val_off=""........

4. Link the datasource through code as normal to the column - query the datasource and load it to the matrix.

This should display the linked column objects

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Your right barend, but then you have to load the docentry... The question was how to do this with the docnum (with docnum, this won't work)...

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Hi Ajith,

I think you can only set the LinkedObject type to lf_None and handle the whole processing by yourself... activating the corresponding menu item + "find"ing the appropriate record...



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Hi Frank,

I'm unsuccessfully trying to get an answer on this issue for a long time. You probably are right, it needs a special processing, but I see so many links to SO using DocNum in standard SAP BO forms, that I'm sure there is a normal way to get it.

I've already asked SAP support about that, but they could not get me a piece of code to see how it is done (which is strange)...

Anyway, thanks for the prompt - I will also do it my way.


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Hi Natalya!

How is that (your) way?

- Capture the et_MATRIX_LINK_PRESSED event

- ...?

How do you open the right document...?


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set oForm = <So Form>

oForm.mode = fm_Find_Mode

set oItem = <DocNum field on the SO Form>

oItem.specific.Value = < your DocNum >

Set oButton <Find button on the SO form (Index = 0)>