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Matrix Events

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Hi All,

I have a matrix in my form i need this is to work like the one in Purchase Order.

In Purchase order matrix If you press tab from Item No column choose from list will appear at the same time if we click on the Owner EditText below the matrix the focus will shift to it.

In the same way i will pop up the choose from list from Item No column in my matrix in my form it works fine. but when ever i click on the EditText below the matrix the same choose from list which i set for the Item No column is getting pop up. The Focus is not shifting to the edit text.

Can any one say in which event i should do that?


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Hi Manoj,

Tabing of the field will make it lose focus. Thus you want to pop your CFL on the lost focus event of all the items you are interested in (matrix cell, edit text etc.)

Thus you'll be looking at

<b>If pVal.EventType = SAPbouiCOM.BoEventTypes.et_LOST_FOCUS Then

'Your CFL Code

end if</b>