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MATKL in KOB1 or similar transaction

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General Situation:

1. We are in Engineering to order business and use PS and PP-Orders for Cost Collection of our Products (Orders are settled on WBS).

2. 60% of our total cost is Material, but according to our Group accounting policies, only "one" Cost Element/Account is allowed for Material Cost. So it is really difficult to analyze the Cost there.

3. In MM we use MaterialGroups (MATKL) to specify certain groups of materials.


We want to create a Project Report which gives an overview about the overal project and allows to analyze also details.

Overall Report should show MATKL as Characterisitc in report and in Single Postings report.

Approached Solution:

1. We created a Project Report based on Table CCSS and were able to setup the standard Cost Structure there (based on cost elements).

2. Transaction KOB1 was attached to this report to see single line entries for each Report.


1. we did not figure out, how to attach the information on MATKL to the KOB1 report. Material Number ist there so from a database logic this should be possible or? Is there maybe an alternative to KOB1 which includes MATKL by standard?

2. We would prefer to add MATKL also to the characteristic of the library for the report, so we can allready drillup the materialgroups in the standard report. The following should show what we intend to create:


-Material Cost MATKL 1

-Material Cost MATKL 2

-Material Cost MATKL 3 (all material cost on same cost element/account)

-Production Cost

-Site Cost

= Project Result

I hope you can help us.

Thanks a lot in advance.


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Answers (2)

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It's not possible to add new fields to CCSS

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If it is not possible to add it to CCSS, is there an other solution possible? For instance to create a customer table/structure which refers to CCSS and adds MATKL?

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You can populate MATKL in the XREF fields in your FI doc

XREF fields can be fetched into KOB1 using the exit COOMEP01

refer this thread ?

May be you can directly add MATKL to the KOB1 report.... However, I doubt it you can add it to the Library for a report painter report

Br, Ajay M

Edited by: Ajay Maheshwari on Feb 16, 2011 6:06 PM

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You can add characteristics to CCSS table.

Try note 929889

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customer fields in CO line item reports: check SAPNET note 325546 using customer project COOMEP01 how to achieve this.

report painter / report writer: no idea as MATKL is not available in reporting table CCSS. This can be changed using GS22 T-code but I never did that (maybe CCSS will not work at all if changed?).

best regards, Christian

Edited by: Christian Ortner on May 12, 2010 2:07 PM