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Material Variant in Low Level BOM Component.

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Hi experts:

We have a scenario where in a material component in low level BOM structure is filled a material variant in MRP3 TAB of the material master. This component is a configurable material, and is typed your own number in field configurable material. Example: In configurable material 10, in MRP3 TAB is inserted the value 10 in configurable material and a variant is valuated, characteristics values are entered.

In really, we not use material variant, is not necessary change configurable material in sales document for material variant, we use this workaround to enter this component in a disassembly production order without material (CO07 transaction).

The problem is that in MRP Run, the system copy the instance of the material (MARC - CUOBJ) to planned order (PLAF - CUOBJ), and we need that the system copy the sales document instance (VBAP - CUOBJ). In this case, a incorrect BOM explosion is occurred.

Any advice to system use the sales document instance?

Thanks a lot.


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I didnt understand your exact issue.

Does the entry in MARC-STDPD for material 10 is a issue or  wrong CUOBJ is getting picked up in plan order.

It will be helpfull for replying if you can explain with what material you are creating order Example Material X.?

material 10 is at what level of BOM of the material (material X) for which sales order is getting created.?

If material 10 is a KMAT , how configuration for ths KMAT is getting pass while creating sales order if its a Lower level ?

Hope it can help me as well as others to reply on your issue.