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Material Type HALB issue

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Hi experts,

Pls help me solve the case like, only material type HALB was used for both SF and FG inventory in the material master and continued with all subsequent business processes. This has been doing as practice for years where there is no separate GL account for FG inventory. config was made like that. Now if i want to separate my FG from SF what are the possibilities...

And How this will impact SCE run every month 

kindly help.






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Switching off a WM is usually a final decision after a big mess which can't be cleaned by processing open documents.

Archiving will only care about closed business cases. Open and partially processed documents can't be archived.

And there is no standard program to cleanup this situation, as is not a desired business process.

Cancel your open deliveries that are prepared to pick from from a WM managed location, then remove the WM assignment from the storage location (Table T320).

Finally have an ABABer write a few small programs to erase the entries from the WM tables. If you plan to restart at any time in future then customize a new warehouse and do not re-use this old warehouse, just to be on the save side.

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To add to this, or a slight variation - you might be better off moving all the stock to a different storage location. In that case you will be closing all the open documents by necessity.