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material type - contolling parameters

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Hi All,

What are the important controlling parameters for material type?

Can we delete a material type after configuring it? If so how?

Thanks & Regards


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Hi Vineeth,

The different controlling parameters of material type are

<b>Number assignment</b>:whether external or internal assignment is possible

<b>Field selection:</b>Whether a particular field should be hidden,displayed,required entry or optional entry

<b>User departments</b>:which user departments can use the material master record

<b>Porcurement type</b>: whether external or internal procurement is allowed for the particular material type

<b>Account determination</b>:material type determines which G/L account is to be hit through account category reference and valuation class

<b>Value and Quantity update</b>: material type detemines whether the particular material type should have value or quantity update

<b>Price control:</b>material type determines which price control can be maintained

You can delete a material time using transaction OMS2.Select the particular material type and select delete

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The "Field Reference" and "Field Reference" are important : it is what defines your material master data fields (if they are obligatory, hidden, optional...) and screen sequence.

The "Item category group" is also important but can be modified in the master data. It is what determines the item category of the material in the SD documents.

In the "User Department" you define the tabs / views that are appearing when creating a material of the material type you are defining.

The "internal/external purchase orden" is where you defined how the system reacts when you create a Purchase Order with this material type.

Then you define what Price Control will be proposed with your material type (Standard or Moving Average Price).

The account category reference can be done later when customizing the automatic account determination (if not known).

This what links the Material Type with the valuation class.

Very important : the Quality / Value updating, this is where you define if the material type stock have is managed in quantity or value, quantity and value in your plant.

It can be managed differently among various plants.

Hope it helps !



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Hi Vineeth,

The important parameter of material type are

External number assignment w/o check

User departments

Ext. purchase orders

Int. purchase orders

Acct cat. reference

Quantity/value updating

U can delete the material type in the tcode OMS2 and there should select the material type nad click on the delete tab and save it.

Hope it wud have answered ur question

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