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Material to Material Transfer Posting

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Hi experts,

I would like to perform a material to material transfer posting using movement 310.

Material A at USD20 Moving Average Price

Material B at USD30 Moving Average Price

The transfer posting was done from Material A to Material B with quantity 10 to the same plant and storage location.

The account posting from this posting is as below:

Cr Material A USD300

Dr Material B USD300

I would like to know whether this posting is valid? What is the logic behind this posting?

I was expecting the account posting like, for example:

Cr Material A USD200

Cr Difference USD100

Dr Material B USD300

Appreciate if anyone can further explain on this.

Thanks and regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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we can use 309 moment for material to material transfer in same storage location

eg. if there is piston cylendor assembly with material code 1500 with 5 qty, we have to distribute piston & cylendor with same qty. so in that case we use 309 moment.with another material code for cylendor & for piston we use same code.

Answers (5)

Answers (5)

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Thanks for the replies and tips

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Hi there 309 as below supposed material 32 is A, 34 is B

Itm PK Account Account short text Amount Material Quantity BUn

1 99 21000000 Unfinished Products 200.00- 00000000032 10- PC

2 89 21000000 Unfinished Products 200.00 00000000034 10 PC


Itm PK Account Account short text Amount Material Quantity BUn

1 89 21000000 Unfinished Products 188.64 00000000032 10 PC

2 99 21000000 Unfinished Products 188.64- 00000000034 10- PC

Please note 188.64=18.64*10 it is move average price of material B after movement 309 done which means first movement 309 will reduce move average price for material A.

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Are you doing transfer posting using movement type 309 or 310 ?

First account postings mentioned is for 309 movement.

In movement type 309,Issuing material price is considered.

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The Accounting entry will get posted as following;

Stock Account of Material B - Dr - 200 USD
Stock Account of Material A - Cr - 200 USD

This will reduce the MAP of Material B.

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using Movement type 309

A transfer posting from material to material results in the transferred quantity being managed under another material number.

The transferred quantity is deducted from unrestricted-use stock of the issuing material and posted into unrestricted-use stock of the receiving material.

For every item you enter, two material document items are created:

● An item for the issuing material

● An item for the receiving material

Parallel to the material document, an accounting document is created. The issuing material master record determines the value of the transfer posting.

Please chek you trasnfer material from A to B,

accounting doc will gernerated accourding to value of material A


Kailas Ugale