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Material to material conversion by 309 Movement type

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can any one explain how to use 309 movement type for converting materail to material if both the materials are subject to warehouse management.

how does the stock updates in the bin once the physical inventory that is material document is generated (MB1B)

In detail


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While Transfer Posting (309 MvT) from One Material to another in Same Plant, Price captured in the Receiving Material is taken as same as Sending Material (45 USD) as seen in CKM3. But if we need receiving Material price (40 USD) not be changed as per sending material price (i.e 45 USD) what needs to be done (Price for receiving should be same as 40 USD or around something)

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309 - Transfer Posting Material to material

If a material changes over time in such a way that it no longer corresponds to the features defined in the material master record, but to the features of a different material number, you have to carry out a transfer posting from material to material. This is often the case in the chemical and pharmaceuticals industry, for example.

A transfer posting from material to material results in the transferred quantity being managed under a different material number. A material master record must already exist for the receiving material.

In order to carry out a transfer posting from material to material both materials must be managed in the same stockkeeping unit.

Such a transfer posting is always carried out in one step and without advance planning. The posting can only be carried out from the unrestricted-use stock of the issuing material into the unrestricted-use stock of the receiving material.

The transferred quantity is deducted from unrestricted-use stock of the issuing material and posted into unrestricted-use stock of the receiving material.

For every item you enter, two material document items are created:

an item for the issuing material

an item for the receiving material

Parallel to the material document, an accounting document is created. The issuing material master record determines the value of the transfer posting.


go to migo

transfer posting choose movemnet type 309

then give the source material and destination mat

plant ,storage loc

and save



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Can we do the Material to Material Conversion for two different types of Material Type.


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You can M2M two different material types as long as they have the same UoM. Also, you can configure the 309 movement type to create and confirm the TO and post to the same bin Automatically.

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After you do the Material to Material Transfer in IM you have to create a Transfer order for the Material Document in LT06

The bin stock will in Interim Storage Type 922

Once you Confirm the Transfer Order the Bin stock of the material will be reduced from the Interim Storage area to the Destination bin.



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Material to material movement can be done by 309 Mvt type in MiGO or MB1B.

The concerned ware house number has to be mentioned against the material.

The stock from where the material is issued is debited and the stock where the material is transferred is credited.

If the material is blocked for Physical Inventory the system will issue a message that " Material is blocked for Physical Inventory" In that case the transfer cannot take place until the block is remived.

Hope this helps.



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