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material status that block GR posting only to stock

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Hi experts,

Is there a way to configure a material status that blocks an existing material for GR posting only to PO witch is not account assigned / to storage location/?

GR posting to PO that is account assigned K /cost center/ for that material should be allowed.

I tryed to set status 04- Blocked for Inventory, with B- error mes. for Inventory management message, but as a result i can't post GR to cost center.


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If you don't want to do any inventory posting for this material, then you can do an option :

Set deletion flag for storage location for material from MM06.

And make the message as error M7127-Material & & & flagged for deletion.

Note- only for storage location.

Then you can't post GR for this material for these POs, which hasn't account assignment category.

But if PO has an account assignment such as K-Cost Center, then you will able to post goods receipt.

You can also able to post the invoice receipt.

I have tested the scenario, working fine..

Check it yourself and revert back.