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Material serial no status remains ESTO even after PGI

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Hi All,

I have a material with serial no and I have created a delivery for this material .

In my scenario PGI is done in VL02N for this delivery but even after this if I go to IQ03/IQ08 and check the status of serial no

It is still ESTO therefore I can reuse the same serial no but it should not happen.

Is there is any setting required in SPRO so that appropriate status of serial number gets change automatically after PGI?



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ESTO indicates open stock in warehouse. You need to complete transfer order creation and further confirmation, then do PGI. After PGI, it looks the status will change to ECUS.


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Thanks Shiva ,

A shipment is getting created and saved for the delivery and as per our configuration PGI is done as soon as shipment is done and shipment status sets as END.

Once this process is over status for the serial number should not remain ESTO but it is showing as ESTO and it is available .

Hope it clears your doubt.

Edited by: ABHISHEK BAJPAI on Jan 25, 2012 3:26 PM