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Material restriction by Customer

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Hello Gurus - I have a biz requirement where they would want a specific customer (sold to) to be able to order specific materials only. At first, I got a thought to define a division wherein that sold to and material be defined on that division. I am told that there is another way of achieving it and that is by condition records. I do understand that this is something very much similar to a info record in purchasing but am not sure how condition record would achieve it in sales processing. They need something of this sort.

Customer Materials they can order

QVC material1, material2, material5, material6 etc.

JC Penney Material3, Material4 etc

Thanks a bunch !!

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Check out this link



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Gauravjit - I believe I am almost there after setting up a new condition type per your instructions....But when I am trying to create an order for a customer I defined int he new condition type (customer, sales org, material)...its still not picking the new condition type from the procedure.

I tried debugging the material determination step, but all it pulls from T685 (condition table) is the old condition type that was set. Here's what I did:

1. New condition type and created access sequence. The new condition type will have Sold to #, Sales org, Distribution Channel and Material as selection fields.

2. In the procedures defined, I added this condition to procedure A00001. Now this procedure has two conditions, one that was previously created and the new one that I just created.

3. For the sales order type, I see, we already have procedure A00001 assigned. So now while entering the order, the system checks the procedure assigned to the order type. It then goes to the first condition type defined and checks for material listing. Even though , I have given the step # ahead of the old condition for my condition type in the procedure control set up, its still taking up the old condition type.

I believe I did create the condition type and access sequence correctly. Table T685 is reflecting the new condition type.

Can you throw some light on this...I believe I'm almost there, thanks to your advises !!!

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Hey Gaurav - I must apologise here...I might have erred somewhere while setting up the condition records. Now I find it working per the business requirements.

So nice of you to share this thanks for taking time to explain. Thanks to Sadhu as well !!!