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Material requirement for non BOM item

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Dear Experts,

I seek your expert inputs to resolve the below scenario.


We have material A in the BOM. Material B is not maintained in any BOM.

Regular requirements available for material A. Material A is purchased in lots (ex. 10 tons) We need to purchase material B(10 kg) also with A, as B should mix with A before production. Since B is not maintained in the BOM, we cannot see the exact requirement.

Is there a way to get an automatic PR/PO when requirement is there for material A?Ex. We need an automatic order for B 10kg for each 10tons of material A.


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HI buddhika.udayanga,

To get correct requirement generation for material B too, request you to maintain material B also in Bill of material with correct quantity ratio with higher assembly.

Or you have to do enhancement in MRP hence when it generate requirement for material A simultaneously generate PR for Material B too.

or if you have PR release procedure for MRP generated PR too then you can do enhancement while PR release and check if it is for material A, call BAPI and generate PR for material B through enhancement.