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Material requirement for non BOM item

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Dear Experts,

I seek your expert inputs to resolve the below scenario.


We have material A in the BOM. Material B is not maintained in any BOM.

Regular requirements available for material A. Material A is purchased in lots (ex. 10 tons) We need to purchase material B(10 kg) also with A, as B should mix with A before production. Since B is not maintained in the BOM, we cannot see the exact requirement.

Is there a way to get an automatic PR/PO when requirement is there for material A?Ex. We need an automatic order for B 10kg for each 10tons of material A.


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Hi buddhika.udayanga,

If you know the planned monthly consumption for material B you can maintain the re-order point or safety stock with required round up qty So that it will create Purchase requisition when we run MRP whenever it goes below the required Qty.


Prasath E