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Material related Question ..

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what is the differance in both??

what is the use of the GENERAL ITEM CATEGORY GROUP?

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Answers (2)

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hello, friend.

1. in the item category, you make settings which affect the way your material is processed in sales & distribution, materials management, logistics execution production and finance, etc.

2. the item category group is to allow the system to determine the item category in sales documents. the system will look at the combination of: sales order type, item category group, item usage and higher level item category to determine your material's item category in sales orders, for example.

the item category group is proposed when you create a material, and which you can overwrite.


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hi, jon


what is use of general item category group in material?

and where we see the effect of the this field ?

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hello again, friend.

in the material master, Sales Org2 view, you will find General Item Category Group and Item Category Group.

there are situations when the material behaves differently depending on the sales organization/distribution channel/plant. Let's say your material R1100 was created with item category group NORM in the following sales areas:

sales organization/distribution channel/division



now let us say that R1100 has a BOM created, and which should explode in the sales order for sales area 1000/02/01 only. you also want pricing and inventory relevance to be at Higher level and not at component level.

you will now execute MM02, enter Sales organization/Distribution Channel 1000/02, and go to Sales Org2 view. the entry in General Item Category Group can remain as NORM. you now change the entry in Item Category Group to ERLA.

after you save the material master, you make the necessary pricing condition records. now process sales order in sales area 1000/02/01. the material BOM will be exploded.

but if you process sales order for the same material in sales area 1000/01/01, there will be no BOM explosion.

hope this helped.


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Hi Jatin,

There is no much difference bet ween the two terms Item Category group and General Item Category group,but,

1.The Item Category group will be used while doing the determination of the Item categoryin the SD module.

2.The General Item Category group will be used in the Material Management.