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Material Pull List

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Hi All,

Can anyone explain me what exactly mean Material Pull List?. What is the use of this list and what T-Code do we use to see the Material Pull List.

Thanks in advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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T.Code - MF60


The pull list controls the in-house flow of material for supplying production with materials. The system assumes that the components required for production have already been produced in-house or procured externally and are now available to be transferred from main stores to the production storage location.

The pull list checks the stock situation at the production storage location and calculates the quantities of missing parts. Replenishment elements are created for these missing parts. Components are staged using stock transfer reservations.


The pull list is an integral part of repetitive manufacturing and shop floor control.

The basis of replenishment planning is MRP - the component requirements are calculated in the MRP run. The system takes requirements from run schedule quantities and manual reservations into account.


The pull list is to be used in the scenario, where components are stored in Central stores & are then transferred to shop storage location for production. If the components are stored & consumed from same shop storage location only, then pull list is not applicable.


It is not the primary task of the pull list to determine the location of the required components.

The pull list is primarily responsible for planning material staging (calculating missing parts and initiating replenishment) by creating stock transfer reservations in the form of replenishment elements. The actual staging is carried out by Central stores person.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Dear Friend,

Material pull list is to pull the material (stage) from other storage locations to WIP storage locations. In simple word through pull list we transfer the material from one storage location to another storage location.

For Pull list we use the transaction MF60.

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Dear Aditya,

Check these links to explore more about pull list which is sued for staging the materials through 311 movement,