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Material Planning

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I want to know how the material planning is done , what settings is required and How system calculated the required Qty.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Material planning is done with MRP in SAP. APO plannes from outside R/3 with data available in R/3. In material master you can see 4 MRP views. Every view has planning parameters. Then in config the basic settings will be done for plant and MRP group.

There are some MRP types are important. PD - Plans as per requirement, VB- Reorder point planning, M0 - Master planning schedule.

MRP Type

The MRP type is a key that controls the MRP procedure to be used for planning a material.

The MRP type belongs to the plant-specific data (in other words, the MRP area data of a material).

The MRP type controls which planning parameters must or can be entered when maintaining the material master record.

You can customize the parameters of the MRP types delivered with SAP R/3 according to your own requirements. You can also add new MRP types.

MRP Type From SAP Help Menu

Key that determines whether and how the material is planned. You have the following options:

- Manual reorder point planning



- Automatic reorder point planning

- Forecast-based planning

- Material requirements planning with forecasts for unplanned consumption

- Master production scheduling (MPS)

How to create storage location for MRP area?

To create storage location MRP area, do the following steps:

1. Create MRP area by SPRO -> MRP -> Master data -> MRP area -> Define MRP area.

Select MRP type 02 - storage location

2. Define scope of planning by tcode OM0E

Insert your Plant.

3. In MM02 assign MRP area in MRP1 view.

4. In SPRO -> Define parallel processing in MRP.

5. While MRP run select parallel processing in the initial screen.

What exactly is the use of transaction code OM0E?

In scope of planning you can define

1. Several plants

2. For One MRP area

3. Plant with MRP area

4. Several MRP area.

If you want to run MRP for a plant, you can enter a plant as normal.

But if you want to run multiple plant or other option, you have to create scope of planning.

So that MRP plan for Multiple plants.

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