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Material Master Mass Change

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Hi Experts,

PLease explain me abt the mass change of Material Master.. the detailed steps to be followed for the change

I know the tcode MM17, please explain the process in that transaction

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Answers (4)

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for the mass change tcode is MASS

there you have to select object which you want to change

sap has given standard object.

there you select the table and field you want to change, enter the new value anfd execute.

for seeing it with screen shots visit



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You also have tcode MASS for more mass modification.

Use object type BUS1001 and generate. Then you have to know the tables where the field you want to modify is.

Pick the fields in their folder and generate again. Then in selection pick the materials or use other selection criteria. Generate again.

In the upper side of the screen insert the data and click the button 'carry out a mass change'.

Save and leave.


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dear babu

follow the linke for screen shots

Reward points if helpful

Thanks and regards

Ravikant Dewangan

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Please tell us for which filed you want to do and give your mmail IID. I will be sending the docs

G.Ganesh Kumar