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Material Master->Classification->Class Creation

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Hi All,

I want to create class in Material Master(Classication).

(Material Master->Classification->Class). Please provide me the solution.

Thank You,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi There

Do the following,,

1. Creaet the class-T code: CL02

Class: Zmaterial_Class01(As you required)

Class Type:001

Click on the Create icon and enter the required detials over there and Save the class

2.Create the Chracteristics- T code: CT04

Then Again come to the T code: CL02 and enter the created class and click on the change icon, enter the created chracteristics in the Charac tab and Save it,

Now when you create the material master in the classification view in class just enter the class which you created, it will bring the class and characterisitcs and save the details,,

hope it helps



Answers (5)

Answers (5)

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Dear Pranitha,

1.First create characteristics like for example colour,viscosity,engine cc etc as per the business requirement using the T code

CT04. can assign these characteristics to the class by creating a new class for a specific class type say 023 for batch

management,001 for materil etc.

3.Then by extending the classification view for the material in mm01 you can proceed.



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Hi dear,

Refer below link


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For creating the material with classification view, in the material type Classification view should be activated.

Goto OMS2, Select the material type & click on details.

Check for the material type Classification view is selected or not.

Select it if not selected.

Before creating the material master you need to maintain the Characteristics using CT04 & Class using CL02 with Class type 001 - Material class

Assigning the Characteristics to the Class in CL02

Goto MM01, create the material master selecting the Classification view & maintain the class maintained & the Characteristic Values.



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Hi Pranitha,

Class needs to be created in the TCode CL02. You can then pull in the class into the material in the classification screen.

You can also enter the characteristics values at the bottom half of the screen.

Check and let me know if this helps!!

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Step 1) Create Characteristics by CT04

Step 2) Now CL02 Define Class and assign Characteristics

Enter class Type - 001

Now Run mm03 check in material master with Classification view