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material master and infor record calender

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Hello experts ,


Lead-Times in Material Master are based on 5 working days. Lead-Times in Info-Records are based on 7 calendar days. Is there is a possibility in customizing to unify this? even though it was configured differently already. if we make changes in both calendars as same what functionalities are affected by changes ...?


Is it good to do these changes in already predefined confirmation system? 

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Hello @jerrysam 

I think you compare apples and oranges.

Material master features two "lead times":

  1. In-House production time in working days according to the factory calendar and
  2. Planned Delivery time in calendar days.


The former is used to plan internal production, the latter - to plan external purchases. The lead time (planned delivery time) in an info record works the same way as the planned delivery time for a material master, but is vendor specific.

Those "lead times" are used in different business scenarios, so there is really not point to force them equal.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski