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Material list of stock status if diferent centers

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Hello everyone,

I am looking for a way that can help me to make a list that contains materials free to use, taking into consideration the SS, reservation ... etc., and all that for multiple centers at the same time.

I have tried several transactions, but did not give me the required info.



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Answers (2)

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There is no such report in standard SAP, I think looking for a report like CO09 ATP quantity.

The ATP (Available-to-promise) quantity is calculated according to the following formula: ATP quantity = warehouse stock + planned receipts - planned issues

S094 (Stock/Requirements Analysis) is a standard table in SAP R\3 ERP systems.

You can check transaction MCBZ - total stock and ATP for it.

The data in the InfoStructure S094 corresponds with the data of the stock/requirements list (transaction MD04); The reports RMCBDISP (S094) fill the InfoStructures S094 with the current requirements/stock data.

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I have tried several transactions

Probably, you need to share in which transactions you tried. As already stated, there is no standard transaction which shows all the stages but you can check in MB52