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Material Ledger closing - Use different account of COGS for adjust.

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Hello Experts,

When we execute Material Ledger Closing, to revaluate COGS, the system use the same account.

We want to use other account to revaluate. In OBYC what is the operation that I have to configurate?


José Luis

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Answers (3)

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In config node SPRO --> Actual Costing --> Material Update--->Assign Movement Type Groups of Material Ledger do not assign any movement group for material movement 601/602/ any movement related to sale.

After this setting system will pick account link to OBYC- COC key.


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Dear Joseph,

There are a lot of discussion on this topic in the community, I recommend you to research about that in the SCN.

Find below an useful topic:

Understanding the MM Automatic Posting for Material Ledger

Best regards,

Gabriel Coleti

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Dear Joseph Rod

Please check COC transaction key in OBYC which is basically used for revaluation of consumption for actual costing when you don't want to use same account.