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Material group Hierarchy for Raw material

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Hi Friends,

How can we maintain Material groups and subgroups, like Iron and steel (material Group)> hr sheet (Sub Group)> cr sheet

(subgroup) -->h.r. sheet 4mm(material).? Please explain me this scenario step by step. I am appying it only for raw material not

for sales material.

Thanks in advance.

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Material Group could be created ( by MM person )

In SPRO ; Logistics - General--->Material Master

>Settings for Key Fields----->Define Material Groups

Assign this in Basic data 1 view of material master

Ex :

1A0300 steel

120100 plastic

1A0600 plate 4mm - 10mm

110001 steel plate 20mm- 100mm

Material groups can be grouped into hierarchies. Every material group can be assigned to one material group hierarchy level.

You can create as many hierarchy levels as you wish. The lowest material group hierarchy level in a material group hierarchy is always the material group to which the materials are directly assigned.


Material group hierarchy level 3: Non-food

Material group hierarchy level 2: Household goods

Material group hierarchy level 1: Small electrical appliances

Material group hierarchy level 0: Kitchen gadgets

Jaya Vimal

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Thanks for your prompt reply jaya,

I tried for the solution sugessted by you but not succeded yet. I

think material group hierarchy is a IS Retail funcionalitie.Can we

used in MM ? Our company is purely machanical based company. I tried it with the help of product Hierarchy.It works also for

Finish,semifinish and Raw material also .But for that i have to maintained sales view for raw material in material master.Without

sales view it is not working. If u have any solution please explain me in detail step by step

.Following type of hierarchy i want to used.

1. Iron & Steel 2 casting

*Subgroup* Subgroup

CR Sheet Grey cast Iron

Ductile cast iron

HP Sheet

Rolled Channels

Rolled Beams

SS Sheets - 304 Grade etc

Rolled Channels


Thanks in Advance.