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Material doesnot exist in warehouse

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I created a Purchase order and now i am trying to do a GR for the material. It is giving me the following error. "Material 3300-270 does not exist in warehouse 088. " How can i fix this error?

This is the first time i am creating a goods receipt for this PO. How will it exists in warehouse?

I wonder do we have to assign any warehouse or storage location for each material when we create? Is it compulsory?

Guru's please help me with this. Thanks. I appreciate it.


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Answers (1)

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Extedn the material to the particular warehouse in question. You can do so using T_cde MM01 or MM50.

If your parts in a WM systems then there will have to be a warehouse view associated for those parts. If they only managed at the IM level then no WM view is necessary.