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Material determination

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Which business scenarios r using Material determination and listing& exclusion?

Can pls u exp with examples



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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hello, friend.

material determination can be used for:

1. automatic selection - you enter a material A. but if there is shortage or if there is a sales promotional campaign, you want the system to automatically replace this with material B.

2. barcodes - you enter the barcode, and the system automatically replaces the barcode with the material number in the order

listing - this is to limit your customer to the materials in this list

exclusion - you want to prevent the customer from ordering certain materials


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Scenarios for Material Determination are.,

1. When the stock of that particular material is not available - alternatives will be determined in the sales order based on the availability in the sequence mentioned in the Mat Deter Records.

2. When the existing material is replaced by a new and improved material by the company.

3. When a special packing is offered on special occassions like christmas etc.,

there are many other scenarios based on the situation and the business process.

Listing and Exclusion is useful when we want to restrict sale of material to customers in different sales area.



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Dear Rao ,

Go through these links you will get some idea on Material determination,Material Listing and Material Exclusion.

I hope it will help you



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Material determination is useful when old product is becoming obsolete or a new product is released by the company at specific date.

It is like Substituting one product with other product

use VB11 to create.


Listing - when u wanna list the items that can be purchased by the customer.

Exclusion - u dont wanna sell certain items to the customer.

Note: - Exclusion is given preference over listing

use VB01 to create the same.

Both need to be assigned to the Sales Doc. Type.

Reward if helps