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material determination for 2 or more items.

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Hi Gurus,

I'm trying to swap the meterial in material determination with option of 2 it possible and if yes then how?

Normally, the single swapping is taking place in the sales order...but suppose if i want an option so that when i put the original material then the screen should give me 2 items or more to choose from for the to configure this in the system.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hello, friend.

yes, this is standard feature. when you create a material determination condition record, enter a substitution reason 'Manual selection' which is usually '0005'.

after you have filled in the 'material entered' and 'material' fields, highlight the item and click on the 'alternative materials' icon. now include in the list 2 or more alternatives and save your record.

when you create the sales order and enter the material to be substituted, a selection screen will allow you to choose the final material.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hello Prabhakar,

The functionality of manual and automatic product selection is available during material determination.

a. Reason for substitution 0005: manual product selection (list of default values)

b. Reason for substitution 0004 & 0006: automatic product selection (depends on product availability in order and delivery)

In manual product selection (0005), the system does not automatically replace the product. Instead, it displays a list of all the substitution materials and other information in the master record doing the availability check such as quantity available that can be confirmed on the customers requested delivery date and if the full quantity cannot be met, the system proposes a new date on which the material can be completely delivered. You can then select the required material from the list.

. During automatic product selection (0004 & 0006) the system replaces the entered material automatically if it is not available. When you enter an order, the system tries to fill the quantity of the order with the first material in the material determination master record. If there is no enough quantity available then it fills the remaining quantity with the next material.