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Material Deletion

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Hi Experts,

We have two materials with same description and with same material type. Both materials have stock.

We need to delete one material to avoid duplication of material.

Kindly let me know the steps to be carried out to delete the material? How to handle the stock for the material to be deleted?

Thanks in advance


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Answers (6)

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I would like add that mvt 309 is associated with profit and loss G/L account.

before using this movement type check the stock valuation and take up the call with FI.

what the financial decision is for 309 mvt usage from FI proceed accordingly.

You have to take into consideration the period in which you are going to transfer the stock i.e current period or previous period.

pl go through the sap documentation before going for this activity on topic material price change.



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Check for valuation price of both the material before doing transfer in 309 mvmt type.As if u have difference it goes to PRD account during transfer.



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If u want the old material stocks to be transferred to new material then use MB1b movement type 309.

Mark the old material for deletion by using MM06.


If you want the stock to be written off from ur books then use MB1a mov type 551 to scrap it.

Mark the old material for deletion by using MM06.


Replace new material code in all the open PO for old material

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u can transfer one material stock to another material stock

(better transfer less transaction code to more transaction code) by 309 mvt


block any one material for procurement and keep it open for inventory management transaction in mm02- block plant ststus of the material

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Hi Kiran,

Description and material type is one thing. The material number (part number) identifies a material uniquely. Please check the part numbers!

If you are certain that the two materials are the same (and one of them was created e.g. by mistake), you can mark that material with deletion flag (MM06) and after that you can archive it.

Before doing this you should make a stock transfer:

MB1A + 201 + material_wrong (taking care of batches no. e.g.)

MB1B + 202 + material_proper (taking care of batches, etc)

(People tend to use MB1B + 309, material to material transfer but this kind of booking is not for this purpose I think)

At this step you have to know that the stock transfer might cause increase / decrease in the stock-value if material_wrong & material_proper are not of the same standard price e.g.

You should take care of open POs (in case of raw material), PrdOrd, etc (transactional data).

You should check other master data (BOM, Routings, etc) to avoid problems in the future.



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check the part no and move the stock to the required part no and delete the unwanted part no

G.Ganesh Kumar