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material debit in miro with valuation type

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Hello experts,

i tried to find the reason in following case in many online line search, could not solution.

CASE- miro document posted with po reference but no GR clearing amount pending. amount debited in material tab. here material is split valuated but SAP allowed to debit inventory without asking for the valuation type and credit to vendor. when i run the report MB5L this amount is not showing in this report. my question is

1. how system allowed to post miro document without valuation type

2. why this amount is not in MB5L report.


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Answers (2)

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Hi Bharat,

Check the material whether valuation type activated for it or it has activated after invoice posting. However, if you have maintained the valuation type for the material, then it wont allow you to post with out valuation type. It throwing error.



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1. Share MIRO simulation / Accounting document. And MIGO Accounting document.

2. We will enter valuation type in PO itself in "delivery tab" and if we want one more valuation type we have to create separate PO with another valuation type. Why system will ask valuation type in MIRO?

3. Share material master Accounting view tab.

BR Farhana.