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material creation

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dear freinds,

while creating material in mm01 for finished product,only three views( engg,classification,data.) are display instead of details screen i.e. basic data 1-2,mrp1-4 & so on.

pl. resolve the same.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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dear devendra,

first of all check settings for your material type using path IMG/Logistics-General/Material master/basic settings/material types/Define attributes of material types

I think you are having FERT as well as PLM as finished product and in material creation screen you are not able to watch the identifier in 'Material Type' field, 'FERT finished product' as an example.

Now go this way:

Transaction: Create material immediately (MM01)

select 'Customizing of local layout (ALT=F12)' button in std. button toolbar, select 'Options' then select tab 'Expert'. now put check mark on "show keys in all dropdown list" and "sort items by key". 'Apply' the settings. again start transaction.

try to create new finished material by using material type FERT if it works or doesn't work revert back. if useful reward the points.


Abu Arbab

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hi abu,

there is two types of finish product leads to overwrite the screen & display irrelated views.

thanks & regards


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Is it happening only for FERT or for all other types also?

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Dear Devendra,

Click on material views button top of the screen while creating material. As it may happen that for your id this views might have been set as default values.

If this does not work then you should check material type setting.