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Hi All,

Plz Tell me the procedure of <b>Material Creation</b> in detail....with example...

Thanks & Regards,

<b>Anil Kumar</b>

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can use tcode <b>MM01</b>

1.Enter your material code (m-100)

2.enter Industry Sector(Retail)

3. Enter material type(Trading)

Then enter

In select views enter

Enter organization levels i.e plant , storage location , etc


then u have sequence tab pages input each data

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Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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I will like to add one more thing, that you can either create the material if it is new directly using MM01, or you can create it with reference to a material which already exists and is similar to your material.

Go to MM01, give the material code, industry sector, and material type, and below give the material which you are referencing.

Press enter, choose the necessary views......

Again press enter give plant, sloc, sales org n dist channel for the material you are creating as well as of the reference material in copy from......

Press enter, in each view give the necessary details and save.....

Reward, if helpful.........


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You can Create Material with T.Code:MM01

A.Enter your material code (If external or System will take care if internal)

B.Enter your Industry Sector

3. Enter your Material Type

Then Enter

In the Secreen Selection Views,Select your required views and Enter

Next Screen Enter Organization Levels i.e..... plant , storage location or Plant , Sales Organisation, Division.

And then Enter .........

then you have sequence tab pages in following screen and input each data where ever required.

But before Creating Material , You must know about material and nature of material

, so then you can design your materail master.

You are asking Example?????

For designing Material Master, you must know all customisation Steps and are following:













You can play with T.Codes OMS2, OMSR,OMS9 and can make field to be required entry or optional or display.

If helpful then reward.

If your question answered, close it.Do not keep it open.


Biju K

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Create Material

1. Choose Logistics _ Materials management _ Material master _ Create material _ Create

(general) _ Immediately.

2. Enter the following data:

_ Material: Envelope

_ Industry sector: Office supplies

_ Material type: Configurable material

3. Choose Enter.

4. Choose the views Basic Data 1, Basic Data 2, Purchasing, and Accounting 1.

5. Enter plant 0001.

6. Enter the following data on the tab page Basic Data 1:

_ Short description of the material: Envelopes with company logo

_ Base unit of measure: KI (box)

_ Material group: Office supplies

7. On the tab page Basic Data 2, check whether the Material is configurable is selected.

8. On the tab page Purchasing, select the Subject to batch management indicator.

9. On the tab page Accounting 1, enter the following data:

_ Valuation class: <Valuation class>

_ Price control: V

_ Moving average price: 99.95

10. Choose Save.

TCode- MM01

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Aru you asking in end user point of view or a consultant point of view.

If you are a consultant, please first understand the concept How material master data will be organized in SAP.Material master record used across the business processes.

Please go thru the link and under stand the Material master organized in SAP , once you are clear abount the process and it is easy to understand creation process.