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Material costing details (costing 2 view): Source for getting the costing

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Hello Friends,

I need help in getting MM03 costing 2 view details... I need to fetch costing details for a material and a plant combination, I have found 2 tables KEKO and KEPH but did not get exact key information to het KEPH entries for MAterial and Plant combination.

for more information...

• Call tr mm03

• Material = BSEG-MATNR

Press Enter

• Select Costing 2 View,

Press Enter

• Plant = BSEG-WERKS

Press Enter

• In Costing 2 view Press current button

• go to Cost-Display Cost Components

• Select layout

• Select 1SAP02 Layout

Now this current costing data i need in runtime...

Kindly help in this regards... Rewards assured for each helpful response



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This can turn out to be report of high complexity. The main issue with this report would be how to handle multiple records, because KEKO and KEPH retains all the cost estimates, whether standard, modified, adhoc with variations of whether released or not. There is also an additional chance of multiple records because of various validity dates.

Every material for a given plant, if it has a cost estimate, will have a field called Product Cost Estimate No(KALNR) in the table KEKO.

A) You can link MARC to KEKO with MATNR and WERKS.


The KEPH table will have some 40 fields with identical cost fields. We need to identify which field stand for which cost component. Then label accordingly, typically if you are writing an SAP query, you may want to create additional fields with those actual cost component names and link them to those cost fields that are being used. There can be several unutilised cost fields. Also they do not necessarily appear in the order you see them in them in the cost component report of a material. This can be identifield with parallel screens with cost component on one and the KEPH table fields on the other.

Whe you make the report, the selection criteria shall include besides others. These are critical.

a) Valuation variant

b) Costing Type

c) Lower Level (not equal to X)

d) Partner number (= 0)

e) Costing Status = FR (FR stands for released cost estimate)

Even with these you may find multiple records appearing. They will need to be filtered as the case may be.

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Hi Sridhar,

First of thanks forsharing your knowledge over this, it was really useful.

For information, i have used a function module "K_KKB_COSTINGS_SELECT" which will give me all the KFs of KEKO but again in KEHP we have 4-5 more KFs so obviously we will get multiple entries for it.

So the finding should be in getting MATNR and WERKS link with KEHP table, which is more realistic.

But anyways thanks for the useful information.

Rewards are not mentioned but still...