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Material consumption against an Order for Non-stock items

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But is there a way to execute a MIGO for non-stock materials (NLAG) against an Order? Whenever I try to do that for Movement Type 261, I get this error:

No stock posting possible for this material
Message no. M7097
The material belongs to a material type whose stocks are not managed on a quantity basis.

I'm okay with creating a new Movement Type - but has anyone tried this before?

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Hi Mach Zreik,

For NLAG(non-stock) material type in OMS2 tcode if there is no tick mark made against Qty updating which means materials belonging to this material type cannot be inventoried as stock in SAP.So system will not allow you to use MIGO to post 261 movement type.

You can only consume these materials against PO created for account assignment order.


Saravanan D