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Material Characteristics rounding off in COPA

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Dear All,

I am facing an unusual error in COPA.

1.Created characteristic and assign in material master with class type 300,here we define value for characteristic 18.50(For Tube Diam)

2.Created COPA derivation rule in KEDR with step type "move"

sources field VCONF Tube dia.(Length 😎 and target field CO-PA ww22 tube dia.(length 18)

3 .Maintain value for characteristic in KES1 00018.50 (and also have 00000019)

Now while creating sales order in account assignment when check the profitability segment system show tube dia. value 00000019.System not taking  

00018.50 for given material.

If I delete  00000019 from KES1 I am getting below error

Characteristic value 00000019 does not exist for characteristic WW22 (Tube Diameter)

Message No. KE0C133

I am not able to understand why system not picking 00018.50 instead of 00000019 for tube dia. characteristic  of material.

Please guide us.


Prasad Patil

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Hi Everyone,

I got the answer for the system behavior.

It happened because decimal maintained in material characteristic could not be derive in COPA.

It's SAP standard behavior.For solve this I found workaround in SAP note

1344848 - Derivation of Variant configuration characteristics


Prasad Patil