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Master data in PS: Different interpretations

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Hi Experts,

In certain Business blue prints, i have seen that the project objects like PD, WBS, NWA are described as master data. in some case, the standard templates are specified as PS master data. Of course, as per SAP menu, the work center and statistical key figures are the part of master data.

There is little ambiduity. My understanding is that, master data is the one which is a record for predefined information for repeated usage in transaction. Master data like material, vendor, customer etc falls under this category.

The Project objects are defined specific to transaction.

To avoid various interpretations and arrive unique understanding, i invite comments from experts.

warm regards


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Master data is data that remains unchanged over a long period of time. It contains information that is needed again and again in the same way.

In PS, as you said Work center, SKFs etc are all master data. Apart from that Std. WBS, Std. Network, Std. Milestone are also termed as master data because we use them again and again in creation of projects. In case of big projects, we would have several std. WBS and Std. networks. So it also becomes a master data.