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Massupdate Delivery Schedule

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Hello Everyone,

we are currently running B1 10.0 HANA (or at least try to make it run) and got an issue with the delivery schedule management with ATP.


- we manufacture about 40% of articles according to customer requirements / on demand, meaning there is no stock availabilty when orders are received. Other 60% are in stock.

- about 10000 different articles / 60000 ordered positions / 10000 purchased positions


- as soon as there is a delivery (or a change of the delivery date) confirmation from our production or a subsupplier, it should be possible to reschedule all affected orders and resend delivery confirmations

- the only way we (and our integrator) found is to do this artcile by article which in fact means working through hundreds of articles every day - obviously not feasable

Does someone of you know a way to retrigger the manual schedule done with ATP (e.g. when you enter a new order) to achieve this job? Or is there a third partie addon available somewhere?

Thanks for helping us out!


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