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Mass upload prices with volume Scales

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I need to use mass upload transactions to upload pricing conditions with scales (key combination: sold-to/material) but due to the large amount of combinations I am trying to find ways to simplify the mass upload as much as possible.

Regarding the scaling part, I was wondering if I can upload in one line the volume scales per sold-to/material combination.

For example: customer A, material X

volume scales and prices:

1-10 kg --> 3 EUR

10-20 kg --> 2 EUR

20-30 kg --> 1 EUR


I would like my mass upload excel file to look like:

Customer - material - Scale 1 - price 1 - Scale 2 - price 2 - Scale 3 - price 3

A - X - 10 - 3 - 20 - 2 - 30 - 1

Instead of

Customer material Scale price

A X 10 3

A X 20 2

A X 30 1

In this example, I reduce the lines of my upload file from 3 to 1.
Do you may know if they is any way that I could do that? Any transaction? Or any type of scales that I need to use?

Thanks in advance for the support,

Kind Regards

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Active Contributor

It depends on what system you have (ECC or S/4HANA).

For S/4HANA there is a standard migration object for uploading pricing conditions via flat file and it supports scales. There are some limitations on the combinations of the fields in the pricing table but for customer/material the upload is supported out-of-the-box.

For ECC you can use LSMW - there is a program for direct input for conditions upload - RV14BTCI. Search in Google with criterion RV14BTCI and you can find guides how to prepare the source files.

There is also an option to upload pricing conditions in LSMW via IDOC method here is a blog that can help you: Difficulties in price condition load for purchasing info records with COND_A IDoc method.

In all these cases (or even if you decide to use LSMW recording) you have to adapt your source file to the corresponding format. If you really wish to have the source file in the format that you specified you need to approach a developer from your team to create a custom upload program.

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Thank you very much Veselina for the information,
I will search for the program in LSMW, it seems very interesting.

Soon, we will start using FIORI for the pricing uploads.
Can the format of the source/upload file in FIORI be customized by a developer?

Kind Regards

Active Contributor

I am not sure what you meant by start using Fiori for the pricing uploads.

If you meant that you will create a custom upload program and that it will be linked to a Fiori tile - then the format which will be used for the upload can be defined according to your business needs.

If you meant starting LTMC via Fiori Launchpad - then the format will depend on what is set in your migration object.

Active Contributor

When you post a query and give further updates, please add the content under "Comments" and not under "Answer" as you were not answering to a query but only providing additional informations as asked by the members. Also, when you add the text under Comments, it will be intimated to the person to whom you are responding whereas, if you add the text under Answer, the member will not be intimated. I am unable to convert to comment since there is a subsequent response to your post.

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Hello Veselina,

Thank you for elaborating on my questions (I am a basic user of SAP, so the questions were not developed correctly).

Regarding the use of Fiori, I will be using a tile to upload prices and ask for their approval.

Unfortunately, I don't know many details for the background processes, but I would like to ask if the format of the upload file can be "easily" adjusted by an SAP developer.

Best Regards

Active Contributor

teo_kaps_91 "easily" is subjective, it depends on the skills and the experience of your developer.

To be fair, if I were you I would not go for the template layout which you mentioned; it has limitations that might make you regret for coming up with this idea at a later time.

What if for condition type ZPR1/Customer 1000/Material C-202 you need 3 scales but for ZPR1/Customer 1000/Material C-201 you need 10 scales? What if for ZPR1/Customer 1001/Material C-202 I only need 2 scales?

Instead of placing everything in a single row it is better to use the concept of header and item, there is a good reason why scales in the system are stored in a separate table.

Consider determining the fields of the template by reading the customizing settings. Different condition tables have different key fields, you don't want to make the template usable only for a single condition type and table - the development is too expensive to do that.

Excel is trickier for uploading prices compared to csv and xml due to personal and regional settings - if you really have to use xlsx make sure that you perform the required validations.

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Thank you Veselina for your valuable comments.

I will take them into consideration as we need to come up with a long term process for thousand of different combinations.

Best Regards