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Mass change operation number sequence (CA02)

Hello everyone,

I need to change the sequence (number 0010/0020/0030 etc) of all (like 3000) routings.

Now I have like:

0010 with work center A

0020 with work center B

0030 with work center C

I would like to change the sequence in:

0010 with work center C

0020 with work center A

0030 with work center B

With CA02 I can do it one at a time, but with like 3000 routing there is no end.

I tried CEWB (SAP_OPERATION) with routing group number, but when changed it gives me an error.

Is there a T-CODE that can help me?

Even if I need to check one at a time, but with only one - endless - page.

Attached sample images with final result, if can help.





Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Gianluca,

I think there are 2 practical options to do this:

The first option is to use transaction CEWB to change the VORNR. What is the exact error you get (it is not in the screenshot)? Second, you can create a LSMW with recording of transaction CA02 where you change the VORNR.

In my experience, using an LSMW is the fastest and most practical and you can save it for later use.

For both options you should be aware to use the correct order of changing the VORNR in order to prevent you accidently have 2 operations with the same VORNR (which is not accepted by SAP).

Kind regards,


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Hello, thanks for the reply.

I don't know how to use LSMW, so I tried with CEWB..

Attached image:

1- example with routing position 10, 20, 30

2- example with changed routing position, like if I am in T-CODE CA02

3- error when press enter


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For these kinds of scenario's it could be worth to dive into the LSMW documentation and learn how to use it. But if you are in a timestretch, CEWB is also possible.

You'll receive that error message because in the background SAP still thinks the operation number is in use by one of the other operation lines.

When using CEWB, I suggest the following approach (I assume all routings have the same structure and need the same changes).

  1. You select all routing groups/materials which are relevant for the changes.
  2. This gives you a list of all operations in the range of the selected routings.
  3. Now, click 'Select all' and highlight the column 'Operation Number'.
  4. Go to 'Extras > Mass Change' in the menu.
  5. Enter the value for the operation number to be changed in 'Replace only' (don't forget the checkmark).
  6. Enter the new value for the operation number in 'New value'.
  7. Repeat for all changes.

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I just tried to change from 0010 to 0030, but it gives me "0 of 6 operations have been changed"

I also tried to change from 0010 to 0040 and that works..



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