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Mass Change ERS in PO + BAPI

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Hi All,

I need to make mass change in lot of PO at itme detail level. I need to uncheck ERS and GR based IV check box in invoice tab.

I dont want to make use of Mass change tcode for this as it cause lot of work and chances of manual error are lot.

I have never used BAPI in LSMW but I have come accross BAPI for PO Change......I am pretty good at recording method in LSMW but I think that wont help me in this case due to the table control in PO. I have also found a tutorial on BAPI + LSMW for PO creation so I got some rough idea for it.

Can someone tell me the sturucture I should use for the BAPI in LSMW for my requirement and the points which I need to take care of. also tell me do I have to actiavte the inbound idoc processing for it.

Please guide....

Also suggest if i need to create 2 flat files for this 1 for header and antoher 1 for item level.

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MEMASSPO transaction is ready to use for your purpose, LSMW has to be developed.

I even see more problems in in using an unknown import method, than doing the changes directly with MEMASSPO.

MEMASSPO makes use of this BAPI mathod, so finally you are doing the same thing with a lot work more in LSMW and still the same errors can ocur.

I think you have to activate inbound idoc processing.

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I am able to map my flat file with the structure sucessfully

But I am facing problem

1. IDOC segment E1BPNEPOITEM does not have the field GR based IV and ERS.

requirement : as I want to remove these 2 check boxes from couple of PO for different line item I have mapped the fields with the segement mentioned above but I am passing blank value from my flat in the display imported data I am getting PO number and line item number and for those 2 field blank value.

due to this in the step display converted data those 2 fields along with all the fields of the segement itme data are blank and so the IDOC gets created with out any field in the item segment.

question: how to over come this problem ...I need thoes 2 field in the segment but with balnk value. as the check box need to be unchecked in the po.

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Have you entered a X in E1BPMEPOITEMX structure to indicate that you want change the field contents?

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that X was missing due to which it was not working

but after doing that its working and thank you so much for the guidance