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Mass Asset Retirement Procedure with ABAVN/AR01/AR31

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Hi Team,

we have a requirement of Mass asset scrapping , approx 500 asset, which need as soon as possible. Client is reluctant through ABAVN(as this restricts till 6 asset at a time and for more we need to keep on adding through insert row  and this is tough job for them to add 500 lines in ABAVN. i am not sure whether ABAVN support in any way more than fact copy/paste are greyed out here.

Now if i see SAP has suggested through note-1586025 which has clarified the issue and resolution related to mass asset transfer
procedure  through AR01(apart from this we have option like LSMW/customized uploader  program which is time taking and client need immediate).

I am quite new on this functionality, i believe this is a reporting transaction and how we can proceed further, can anybody please let me know with the scenarios and step to process.  i already have visited few threads where people have mentioned through AR01/AR31/ABAVN.

Highly appreciate your support on this issue.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Hi Dwarik Nath,

You can generate a work list for mass retirement from any fixed assets report.

So first you need to define some selection criteria that correctly (or almost correctly) identifies the 1800 assets you want to retire.

Then run your report and click on the button "Save as work list".

At this point you will have the option to save for a mass change activity or for retirement with / without revenue.

If you select retirement without revenue then you only need to specify the transaction type you want to use (generally 200) and the appropriate value date.

The "with revenue" option is a bit trickier so I won't go into that now.

Once you have saved the work list, then all suitably authorised user id's will see this in their Office Inbox.

The first action in the work flow task is to correct the list, so if you need to delete a couple of assets that should not be retired, you can do it there.

After confirming the list, you need to refresh the task list and the task will change from 'correct' to 'release'. Once you execute the release function, processing is automatic. You can monitor progress by running AR30.

********************************** OR *************************************

If its a mass retirement, its possible - but i doubt mass physical deletion of assets

Follow the steps below if you want to do mass retirement :

1] AR01 -> Give your company code -> and the asset numbers

Now press F8 to execute the same

2] At this point -> Go to the worklist -> create -> Enter in the mandatory tab and select the reitirement without revenue -> Enter

3] Enter dates / transaction type -> now you will get a work queue number

4] Go to AR31 and execute the work queue -> Then click the Release button

This will work as a mass scrapping of assets

Hope things will solve your issue

Thanks & Regards,


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Thanks Subbu for answering the queries,

I am trying to run the same steps in our Quality system. i am sure these are the right approach for the Asset retirement more than 6 assets.

Again thanks a lot for your kind effort and timely help. i appreciate your response.



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