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Marking and releasing

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Dear experts,

we created a material cost estimate in CK11N and saved. But while updating the cost estimate in CK24 it is not updating. It is showing as

M Material Plnt AppAr MsgNo Message Text

I CK 790 *************** Summary Test run: *********************

I CK 705 Of 0 materials, 0 cost estimates were updated successfully

Please help me.



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Answers (5)

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Dear Jay Jay,

1.Ensure you have the complete authorizations for marking and release a saved cost estimate.

2.Please check whether already a cost estimate has been released for the current period.

3.In this ensure in the top you are able to see the heading as Price update: Mark standard price ,first

you should mark and then release it.

4.Please ensure you have saved the cost estimate without any errors.

Check and revert back.



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Hi jay jay,

From the error message, it is very clear that, you are executing CK24 in test run mode.

Plz run CK24 in update mode.


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Yu must ensure that while doing cost estimate in Ck11n, it was costed without error i.e, green in colour.

You must come back from that screen .

You must mark first and then release it.

hope it will work.



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You need to MARK first. Did u do that?


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Dear Jay,

If the material is a raw material, the checkbox 'Mat. comp. prices' must

be checked in CKU1/ck24 in order to update the price.

I hope this helps,

Kind Regards,